Happy 100th Post To Me!

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I finally made it to my 100th post on WP!! Although I’ve neglected this page many times in the past, I truly do love blogging here. I feel as if I’ve gained the momentum I was shooting for, and now I’m just a writing machine. Whether through WP, IG, Twitter, FB, or my current project, I am writing somewhere daily! I don’t have many readers here, but that doesn’t discourage me one bit, because the one or two that message me saying, “hey I really enjoyed reading your blog today!” Really keeps me motivated.

To me blogging will never go out of style, because dumping my thoughts, views, desires, stories and poetry into the abyss of the world wide web is such a marvelous thing. Not only writing it, but reading the words of others. I love it! So happy 100th post to me, and thanks to all who read and write!

Have a great day!

The Gift Of Giving

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*Picture taken Monday on the corner of Beltway 8 & Hwy 249 in Houston, Tx*

I have something for you
A gift of hope
May your cloudy days meet the sun again
May your light shine from within
I have something for you
A gift of courage
May you soar beyond the yesterdays
May the path chosen you not be lead astray
I have something for you
A gift of friendship
May this bond inspire you
May this bond empower you
May this bond feed your starving soul
I have one more thing for you
A gift of love
May you receive and be set free
Free of every shackle of the mind
Free of fear and insecurities
Free to reach your highest potential
Free to be authentically who you are
Free to subconsciously gift the world
And may we gleefully receive the magnificence of YOU

Tamica Nicole © 2014

There is this sign that I see every morning on my way to work. It sits on the corner of a very busy intersection. It seems that on the mornings I feel a little down in my spirit I stop at this light directly adjacent to this sign, and naturally I read it. I read it over and over again until it sinks in, and pushes out the negative energy around me. Earlier this week I decided to take a picture of the sign. It helps remind me of my purpose in this life, and remind me of the gifts I was sent here to give the world. Whether it be an encouraging word, a listening ear, a couple of dollars, or a simple smile. I have something to give, and in return it gives EVERYTHING to me.


The day I decide to post this blog, I stumble upon this video via FB. This brought a lot of joy to my heart, and I just wish there were more people like this out in the world. The gift of giving can be everlasting, and I hope that this man truly rises up from his turmoil, and uses this gift to produce a better him! I can personally say that this gift not only benefited this once homeless man, but it benefited me as well, and I’m pretty sure dozens more. It’s given me the permission to continue to shine bright and carry out my purpose.

Love and peace to everyone! Keep giving!

One year ago my view on life completely changed when doctors informed my sister that her son would be born with Down Syndrome. Not only were my family and I shocked with the un-expectancy of having a little one in our worlds again, but that we’d be dealing with a well known issue to the world, however something that was totally foreign to all of us. Coming from an estranged, small family unit, this brought us closer then we’d ever been before. Naturally, we did our research, and prepared ourselves the best way that we could to get ready for our precious baby boy to arrive in the world.



Baby Justus!

This little guy has been through so much in his first year of life, all of which is common in children with down syndrome. Again, this being all foreign to our family, we were walking on pins and needles – nervous wrecks! However, Justus conquered each of his battles one by one. Jaundice? No problem, check. Respiratory problems? So what? A little oxygen won’t stop me, check. Open heart surgery? I’ve got this! Check! As I watched this baby smile through all of his health trials at such an early age, I was able to look at my own life, and consciously eliminate every single worry that superficially consumed me. Here is someone who knows no other way of life other than the one he is living, and I’ve had a life filled with many blessings, counted and discounted. I felt foolish! So I allowed my perception to compassionately mold me into someone who smiles a little brighter, breathes a little deeper when I smell the flowers, walk a little slower on a beautiful day, and hug the people I love a little tighter.

A friend of mine sent me this video last week of Ace and her little brother Archie. Talk about waterworks! This was so moving to me, because it shows that so many people around the world are living with down syndrome, and they are just like the rest of us. Clearly, Ace doesn’t treat Archie any different than she would any other kid her age. We could all take a lesson from the story of Ace and Archie. I’ve read a ton of stories, articles,  and seen dozens of videos about living with/caring for someone with down syndrome, and every one of them were spectacular! There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Baby Justus will soar to his highest potential, and turn out to be a fine young man. I’m already a proud Aunt. It amazes me how fast he is learning, and how much he is indeed teaching our family. We’re learning sign language and development techniques that we never knew before. It’s both educational and fun! He can be an artist, a musician, or a restaurant owner like Tim out in Albuquerque, New Mexico! He can be anything he wants to be, not only because he has the best supporters in the world, but because he’s brilliantly blessed.


The level of respect that I have for those with this syndrome and any other unique case is through the roof! Now that I’m a little bit more educated, I don’t feel comfortable calling these cases a disability, because I’ve seen many great accomplishments flourish from these fine people, and the able remain complacent as if they were disabled. Needless to say, none of us has any excuse! We should love and support one another equally! There is room for greatness and success across the board. I love my baby boy and his extra chromosome! That smile has brightened a many of my gloomy days, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s down right perfect! We are ready for this journey.

Educate yourself…

I came across this video Tyrese posted via Facebook a few days ago. I know that he may have been trying to reach many people, but he truly reached me! What a powerful message this is! Over and over again, God is shining a light on my path, and clearing my vision with every blink of my eyes. When people say that the devil is busy, that holds no lies. I can literally feel that evil spirit trying to suck me back into who I was, and where I’ve come from. He tries to revive old desires that held my feet in cement for so long. Tyrese speaks about dead weight in this video, and getting rid of every thing and every one who is not on your level of thinking or being. Sometimes, that includes the very people who are closest to you.

“Where God has destined your life and career to go, it’s not in His plan to reach the level that you’re trying to reach with the people you showed up with.”  – Tyrese

Now that I’m in a new season in my life, everyone looks different. The vibe is no longer inviting, and the time spent has become a bit unwarranted. There are particular things that have happened along this new journey that would have stopped me in my tracks before now. It would have been something else to add to that growing list of excuses I’d conveniently pull out to avoid taking the necessary steps needed to follow the path of my dreams. No longer am I willing to stop for anything or for anyone. The support that I always felt I needed in order to succeed is not as important as I thought it was. That was just my ploy to take everyone with me that I was comfortable with, and who I felt knew me best. Those ones whom I used to persuade my thinking into the belief that I couldn’t move forward completely alone.

There are so many challenges that arise when it comes to fulfilling the purpose you were sought out to contribute to this universe. Once you commit to that place inside of you, and discover exactly what that purpose is, life begins to change drastically. Your third eye is now awakened, and it’s up to you to keep it awake. This is where the fearless steps are needed. This is where the tests begin. This is where all of that conditioning brought about from the trials and tribulations of your past, that you thought was just life simply being unfair to you, comes into play. “Intuitions, instincts, and discernment”. These are three ingredients I feel are a part of the formula to success that Tyrese was speaking on. Are you strong enough? Are you wise enough? More importantly, are you ready to take those fearless steps down your destined path? Are you ready to let go of what once was? Who you once were? Who you once knew? Everything that you were once taught? Some people never make it through this particular proverbial fork in the road. They choose to stay the same. I am one hundred percent committed to my new path, and I pray daily for God to continue to bless it, and the steps He has ordered upon me.

Happy Sunday beautiful people!


I’m finding out just how critical every moment in my days are. I’ve found myself running out of hours to complete goals that I’ve set for myself daily. The only way to avoid this issue, was cutting out a lot of things, and people that I entertained in what I now see was just idle time. I’ve been a busy bee! Trying to take on this writing project, and still work a full-time job is monstrous. However, I’m loving every waking minute of it. My mind has never been this clear for creation before. I’ve called myself a writer off and on in my life since 2007, but now I feel like a true writer, living a true writer’s life. When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. I have notes everywhere, on many pieces of paper that I write on throughout the day. I’m constantly feeding off the creative energy of those around me, and if nobody is around me, I feed off of the silent brilliance of the world alone. 

I spend hours at my desk, and on the weekends, I’m camped out in coffeehouses, and tea-houses around Houston click-clacking away. I think about everything that was brewing in my life before now, from blossoming friendships, romantic encounters, and how they all of a sudden just stopped. This sent me into a very depressing state, because I didn’t know why everything was changing around me. I felt like all of the answers that I had, all of the plans that I had, every bit of reasoning behind my existence was dissolving. The day of Arnea’s photography exhibit opening, my plan was not to go at all. I wanted to go to work, go back home, and climb into my bed fully dressed and go to sleep at 3:30 pm. However, something very small within me told me to just go. What harm could it do? If it was too much to face the public with a fake smile, I could just get back in my car and go home. As soon as I stepped foot into the art museum, a feeling washed over me that demolished every bit of negative energy exuding from me. Every time that I said “I’m ready” before, didn’t hold a candle to that moment. I knew that it was time to begin this journey, and remove all distractions from my life. 

So I’m deep into this project, with a momentum that I don’t plan on slowing down. Everything around me is playing as muse, and motivation to carry forward. My introduction to the literary world means every thing to me. When I talk about my passion, the blood rushes to the top of my head, causing my cheeks and ears to become hot. I’d like to imagine my soul is burning a fire that I pray never dies out. People that I speak to say they see it my eyes, and that they knew this was a passion of mine before now, but never have they seen it bring about such evident results. I’m in the center of my peace and happiness, and it feels damn good! 

I plan on blogging, from time to time during this project, and keeping whoever actually reads these words up to date on my progress. I’ll have an official website up and running soon. In the mean time, follow me on these social networks!!

Instagram: @tamicanicole
Twitter: @tamicanicole


  I’ve been an art exhibit monster these past two weeks. Houston has offered a lot of great events to attend this year thus far for all the art geeks like myself. Yesterday evening I was excited to attend the Master Of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition at the University of Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum. What made it even more exciting was that i actually knew one of the artist! It’s something about knowing well cultured people with talents immeasurable, whose fantastic visions get placed on display for the world to see. I was stoked! I’m telling you, Houston’s five o’clock traffic was well worth it for this experience.

Arenea Williams is an extremely talented photographer. She was blessed with an eye that can capture a story that goes back to the beginning of time in one single shot. Her photographs map out history and defines all cultures. Much respect to this visionary.


The exhibit was stunning and downright ingenious. I was able to attend her last exhibit at the Lawndale Art Center (Houston, Tx), and her work has matured so much. The turnout was great, with many, many supporters. It was a beautiful setting, no doubt.


From photographs of ordinary every day people, to images captured at the Trayvon Martin Rally in Houston, to symbolic shots depicting the history of black people as a whole. Brilliant, brilliant work!

IMG_20140404_201607 Arnea Williams & her beautiful mother


The young visionaries! Arnea Williams, NdiJeru, Wyntress Bennett
Supporters among the many that came to the event!

Follow them all on Instagram – Arnea: @Iamfreshvintage
NdiJeru: @Ndijeru – www.ndijeru.com (Jewelry Artist) – The Gypse Collection
Wyntress: @theroyalinfluence – www.theroyalinfluence.com (Successful network marketeer/artist) – Wake Up Now

Skill Building

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50 Word Story I posted on Instagram this morning. I call it ‘Famished’.

I’m in sort of a writer’s boot camp. Writing a thousand words a day, or as close to that number as possible. Either by personal journaling, blogging, or book projects. By any means. I have all this energy and time that was allotted for unworthy people and situations. I ask God to bless my craft and my mind every morning, but I am working on my part in meeting Him half way. “Faith without works is dead.“ So I’m working!

These fifty word stories, flash fiction writing, and poems are helping build my skills. Metaphors and one line sinkers! It’s so fun too! You’re supposed to LOVE what you do, and I absolutely adore it.

Well said…

boy with a hat

Tightrope walking

Tightrope walking is easy compared to showing your writing to others, to sharing your thoughts and emotions and dreams with people who might laugh at you or scorn you or worse, simply couldn’t care less.

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She clawed and clawed at the wall. Not sure if it was actual cement or paint that she attempted to peel away. Refusing to give up, as she was sure there was something beautiful beyond these layers. White, dull layers of insane redundancy. Scratching the surface until she saw red – a glimmer of hope, but she realized that this was her own blood. Pain. Persistence. Keep going. She wouldn’t stop. She rummaged through the discomfort, until the blood washed away. Tears. Sweat. Faith. She believed there was more to life than this. That there was more to her than who she was at that very moment.  Who she’s loved. Who she calls a friend. What she calls home. Diluted happiness. This is NOT it. It can’t be it. She mourned the days and nights that never were. Strength. Guidance. She kept pounding – believing that there was magic in her fists, escorted by a ceaseless crescendo, that would turn this monotonous wall into the most breathtaking masterpiece she’d ever laid eyes upon. She vigorously knocked harder and harder, until she finally heard a knock back. There was indeed something beyond that wall that was equally fighting to reveal itself. She was ready to enmesh into the soul she was born to be.

Sound tracking this morning’s writing. James Blake – Overgrown

I write best in the morning. After I’ve awakened, spoke my peace with the Universe, and stared at my own reflection in the mirror for about twenty minutes. This part of my life seems so long. I’m so unimpressed with what once was, and what still is. Old desires are fighting within me for relevancy, begging for me to give into the old habits of action. I refuse. I can’t look in the mirror every morning and face the woman who would give into her past, and settle in the comfort of pain and mediocrity. This is why every day I keep going. I keep fighting. I keep pushing further and further away from what’s behind me. I yearn to be anywhere, but here. I’m coming into myself – enmeshing. The taste of my current world is bittersweet.

The Perfect Date

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I’d cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home. I’d write love poems to the parts of yourself you can’t stand. I’d stand in the shadow of your heart and tell you I’m not afraid or your dark. – Andrea Gibson

Just yesterday, I said that I missed the feeling of having feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t forgotten that my spirit is in human form, and I’m made up of feelings and emotions, but I mean that I miss the feeling of having feelings for someone. I miss the butterflies in the tummy effect when I hear a particular person’s name, hear their voice, or see their face. I miss missing someone.

I vowed not to devote any of my energy to dating right now. It’s only been proven to be a distraction for me. My tunnel vision is a blessingand a curse. I get so wrapped up in those feelings that I speak of. However, I get pulled into the facades of people. I get tangled in the webs of deceit. Waltzed around these masquerade balls, fully engulfed in the illusions of what a person wants to be, rather than who they actually are. So yes, dating is not on the top of my list. However, when I do decide to splash my feet in the waters of the dating pool, I want to be pulled in by the realness of someone.


I want every encounter to be like that of a history lesson – a lecture given by my favorite professor, at my favorite school. Teach me the patterns of you. I want to tour your five senses. I want to know your favorite and least favorite EVERYTHING. Eager pupils basking in the newness one another. Taken by complete surprise of all the beauty we’re absorbing. Like hearing the faint sounds of a butterfly’s wings as it lands softly on your shoulder. The creature gravitated to the peace that exudes from within. I want someone’s peace to reel me in and never let me go. Just how many times can peace and happiness multiply. Let’s lay under the stars and do the math. For however long it takes. I have the time, I have all the time in the world for that perfect date.

Do people even date like this anymore? Maybe they do, I’ve just never experienced it. No doubt that I will though.